Petition V-58

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Rhonda Gilbert, 770-671-1533, represented by Richard Calhoun, 770-422-1776, requests the waiver of the height of a fence on lot 1 from the maximum allowable of 8 feet to 12 feet.
Property is located on the south side of Paper Mill Road, west of Johnson Ferry Road (4682 Paper Mill Road, Chattahoochee Plantation subdivision); 16th District, Land Lots 1134 and 1171, Parcel 10.
Size of tract is 1.9 acres.
Present zoning is R-20, R-30
Contiguous zoning is: North: NAC (Paper Mill Village); East: PI (Lutheran Church of the Resurrection); South: R-15 (Column Gate subdivision); West: R-20 (Chattahochee Plantation subdivision).
Land use category: Very Low Density Residential
Case manager is Mike Gerrits
BZA board member is Tom McCleskey
Reason: Shape and topography of subject property require a height greater than code requirement in order to provide adequate privacy.
Staff Comments: 
ECCA position:  We support the position taken by the Chattahoochee Plantation Homeowners Association.
Maximum impervious surface % allowed / planned: 35% /
Maximum impervious surface % allowed / planned: ?? % /
BZA Action (June, unofficial)Continueduntil the July 9, 2008 Board of Zoning Appeals hearing.
BZA Action (July, unofficial)Continueduntil the August 13, 2008 Board of Zoning Appeals hearing.
BZA Action (August, unofficial): APPROVE with the following stipulations:
  • Subject to revised letter of agreeable conditions from Richard W. Calhoun dated August 11, 2008