Petition Z-23

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A& M Dental Office, LLC, 770-973-8222, represented by Andrew Speer, 404-214-5200 requests a rezoning from NS to GC for a Dental Office

Located on the south side of Lower Roswell Road, west of Johnson Ferry Road, District 1, Landlot 69, Parcel 29.

Size of Tract is 0.43 acres

Current Zoning: NS

Contiguous zoning is:  North: NS; East: GC; South: GC; West: GC

Future Land Use:  Community Activity Center

Case Manager:  Marvin Shams

Planning Commissioner: Mike Terry

District Commissioner:   Bob Ott

Proposed Use: Dental Office

Staff Comments:

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   Staff Recommends: Deletion to NRC with conditions

ECCA recommends (revised 9/6/10):    While the additional plans and letter addressed some of our concerns, not all of our questions have been answered.  While this building is being built, we still have concerns about safety and traffic control.  Dickerson Middle School and Mt. Bethel Christian Academy are both a ¼ mile from this project, so traffic along Lower Roswell is still present at 9AM for drop off and starts around 3-4 PM for pick-up at the schools.  In addition, middle school students like to walk home in the afternoon, so pedestrian traffic increases.  Along those lines, we would like to see an opaque chain link fence specified to screen construction from the public, a flagger be required for all construction trucks pulling in and out of the site for traffic control and the construction hours changed to after 9 AM Monday – Friday so that traffic will have a chance to dissipate.

While we understand that the pine trees will be taken down by a tree removal contractor, we recommend a stipulation stating that this will not occur on the week-end or after sundown so as not to disturb the surrounding neighborhoods.

Other items that were previously requested, but not yet addressed are the handling of stormwater run-off during construction, how the temporary entrance will be constructed, a comprehensive landscape plan including dumpster location and screening, lighting plan that insures that no light leaves the bounds of the property and illuminates the adjacent properties or roadways and finally, as the second floor will be finished, air conditioned and have a staircase, a stipulation stating that this will be used for storage only and the stipulation is to be recorded on the plat. 

Planning Commissioners Action:  Approved 5-0 subject to stipulations

Board of Commissioners Action:  Approved 5-0 subject to stip letter dated 9/14/10, schematic plan dated 9/13, elevations drawings and lighting types.