Petition V-71

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Elyse Glaser, 770-874-2312, representing herself, requests the waiver of the rear setback on lot 1 from the required 40 feet to 26 feet.
Property is located on the south side of Blakeford Club Drive, east of Bill Murdock Road (3633 Blakeford Club Drive, Blakeford subdivision); 16th District, Land Lot 690, Parcel .
Size of tract is 1.1 acres.
Present zoning is R-30
Contiguous zoning is: North: R-30 (Blakeford); East: R-30 (unplatted); South: R-15 (Blakeford); West: R-30 (Blakeford).
Land use category: Low Density Residential
Case manager is Abby Shiffman
BZA board member is Tom McCleskey

Reason: .We need an additional garage to store and protect our lawn mower and car for protection from the elements. It also facilitates off street parking as required by our subdivision. We are also concerned about security of our vehicles as there have been a number of break-ins.

Staff Comments:
Preliminary Variance Analysis is here
Final Variance Analysis is here

ECCA position: .Held for more information: Blakeford subdivision, rear setback waiver
Maximum impervious surface % allowed: 35% /
Maximum impervious surface % planned: ?? % /

BZA Action: Case has not been heard yet.