Petition V-72

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Target Corporation, 612-761-3731, represented by Scott Nelson, 612-761-3731, requests:
  1. Waive the side setback from the required 10 feet to zero feet; and
  2. Waive the number of parking spaces from the required 602 spaces to 577 spaces.
Property is located on the north side of Providence Road, northwesterly of Roswell Road (1401 Johnson Ferry Road, Merchants Festival shopping center); 16th District, Land Lots 898 and 899, Parcel 10.
Size of tract is 15.36 acres.
Present zoning is GC
Contiguous zoning is: North: O&I (Johnson Ferry office park); East: PSC (K-Mart East Cobb), GC; South: GC; West: PRD (Grovehurst), R-20, GC.
Land use category: Community Activity Center (CAC)
Case manager is Darryl Wilson
BZA board member is Christi Trombetti
Reason: Without variance the property cannot be subdivided into two lots. Target wants to own its own building and sell the rest of the property.
Staff Comments: 
Preliminary Variance Analysis is here
Final Variance Analysis is here
ECCA position:  .Position still being developed.
Merchant’s Festival shopping center, and Target Corporation, side setback waiver (which side setback?) and reduction in required parking spaces.  
Necessary for Target to own its building and the remaining property then to be sold to other investors.  Even if this is a traditional transaction, doesn’t this ultimately present a problem to the local community (make it more difficult for the property to be redeveloped/ improved in the future).  
We would like a clearer understanding of any negative impact that this may have on the outparcel structures (for example, the soon to be abandoned Starbucks).
Maximum impervious surface % allowed: 70%
Maximum impervious surface % planned: ?? %
BZA ActionCase has not been heard yet.