Petition V-70

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Thomas & Gloria Minick, 678-596-1954, representing themselves, request the waiver of the rear setback on lot 20 from the required 40 feet to 30 feet.
Property is located on the north side of Nantahala Trail, north of Roswell Road (1335 Nantahala Trail, Indian Ridge subdivision); 16th District, Land Lots 904 and 1171, Parcel 30.
Size of tract is 0.26 acres.
Present zoning is RA-4
Contiguous zoning is: North: R-20 (Providence Place); East: RA-4 (Indian Ridge); South: RA-4 (Indian Ridge); West: RA-4 (Indian Ridge).
Land use category: Low Density Residential
Case manager is Trish Steiner
BZA board member is Christi Trombetti
Reason: We are adopting 3 children from Cartersville, GA through the Department of Family and Children Services. Also, my mother who has had several TIA stroke and a heart attack stays with us 1/3 to 1/2 of the year. We want to add another bedroom and bath for her, and some living space.
Staff Comments: 
Preliminary Variance Analysis is here  
Final Variance Analysis is here
ECCA position:  .No Action.  Indian Ridge subdivision, rear setback waiver. Family appears to have valid need, neighbors are not opposed.  However, we want to express concerns about impervious surface limits being exceeded.
Maximum impervious surface % allowed: 40% /
Maximum impervious surface % planned: ?? % /
BZA ActionCase has not been heard yet.