Petition V-87

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Gregory Clark, 678-677-1773, representing himself, requests:
  1. Waive the side setback on lot 20 from the required 25 feet to 21 feet adjacent to the northern property line;
  2. Waive the rear setback from the required 35 feet to 24 feet; and
  3. Waive the side setback for an accessory structure (existing 96 square foot shed) from the required 5 feet to 3.5 feet adjacent to the south property line.
Property is located on the southeast intersection of Woodmere Drive and Weatherstone Parkway (92 Weatherstone Parkway, Weatherstone subdivision); 16th District, Land Lots 1202 and 1203, Parcel 41.
Size of tract is 0.475 acres.
Present zoning is R-20
Contiguous zoning is: North: R-20 (Weatherstone subdivision);
East:R-20 (Weatherstone subdivision);
South: R-20 (Weatherstone subdivision);
West: R-20 (Weatherstone subdivision).
Land use category: Low Density Residential
Case manager is Trish Steiner
BZA board member is Tom McCleskey
Reason: Our home is built on a slab and has no attic space. My wife has a masters degree in Elementary Education and we wish to home school our three kids. We need to build an additional attached garage so we can remodel the existing garage to provide a room for home schooling. The topography of our lot, location of our driveway, and being on a corner lot requires we position the garage addition in a way that it encroaches on the setback.
We are requesting a variance to the 30 foot setback so that we may position a new two car garage appropriately on our property.
Staff Comments: 
Please click for Final Variance Analysis
Development & Inspections: If this variance request is approved, a plat revision must be recorded reflecting the conditions of the variance. The surveyor must submit the revised subdivision plat to the Site Plan Review Section, Community Development Agency for review and approval prior to recording. Call 770-528-2147.
Stormwater Management: The proposed addition will bring the total site impervious coverage to just under the 35% allowable maximum. All downspouts from the new structure must be directed to discharge toward the street.
ECCA position:  .Recommend APPROVAL with the following stipulation:
Since a variance stays with the land, we recommend that this specific variance be narrowly restricted to home schooling for the residents of the home. The variance should not permit outside tutoring services or other types of outside school activities.
BZA Action (unofficial): APPROVE with stipulations.