Petition V-96

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Robyn Ulman Geller, 770-337-0087, represented by William E. Ewing, III, 770-842-5333, requests:
  1. Waive the rear setback from the 35 feet to 17 feet; and
  2. Allow the impervious coverage to be 47% in lieu of the maximum of 35%.
Property is located at the northwestern side of Brightwood Lane, west of Straton Chase (3045 Brightwood Lane, Belmont subdivision); 17th District, Land Lot 994, Parcel 43.
Size of tract is 0.36 acres, 15,659 s.f.
Minimum lot size is 20,000 s.f.
Present zoning is R-20
Contiguous zoning is:
North: R-20 (Belmont subdivision); East: R-20 (Belmont subdivision);
South: R-20 (Belmont subdivision); West R-20 (Belmont subdivision)
Land use category: Low Density Residential
Case manager is Eric Jacobsen
BZA board member is Tom McClesky
Reason: Needing more space off kitchen (enlarge kitchen)
Staff Comments: 
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ECCA position:  :  OPPOSED.
  • Sub-sized lot that has been overbuilt; zoned R-20 but has only 15,659 s.f.
  • Exceeds maximum impervious surface
  • No apparent hardship
  • Don’t want to promote “forgiveness variances”
Maximum impervious surface % allowed: 35% / 5,489 s.f.
Maximum impervious surface % planned: 47 %, based on 7,430 s.f. of impervious surface from the drawing provided by applicant (includes driveway, walks, patio and new screened porch; less the removal of the basketball court)
It appears that the maximum impervious surface was exceeded a long time ago.
BZA Action (September, unofficial)HOLD until the October 8, 2008 hearing of the Board of Zoning Appeals.
  • Request that the owners appear at the next meeting
  • That the applicant’s provide more detailed information and talk with and try to reach agreement with their subdivision Community Association prior to next months meeting
BZA Action (October, unofficial): DENIED