OBI 22

Gary Deppe, 770/547-0933, seeks to change stipulation item #20 in Z-51 letter dated May 15, 2013 from requiring the applicant to Install a six foot wooden fence along the common property lines between lots 16-18 within the subject property and lots 9-13 within Sterling Ridge Chase (SRC) to requiring the Applicant to provide the resources (valued at $5,000.00 ) to beautify the Sterling Ridge Subdivision entrance. At a minimum, such resources would include a new brick SRC sign structure that has been approved by SRC property owners, and potentially, new landscaping and/or fencing (available resources permitting), at the entrance of SRC.

District Commissioner: Bob Ott

Case Manager: Trish Steiner

Staff Comments:

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ECCA recommends: Approval 

Board of Commissioners: Approved 5-0. Work to be completed by 12/31/17.