Other Business 2017

OBI 46

To consider extending the reversion clause for an additional 18 months for the west side of Cagle Road, north of Lower Roswell Road, Z-31 of 2016. Applicant is Amor Phoenix Group LLC, represented by Garvis Sams, 770/422-7016.

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Petition OBI 41

To consider amending the site plan for the northerly side of Roswell Road, westerly of East Piedmont Road (portion of 2411 Roswell Road), Z-149 of 1998, to develop the property for medical and dental facilities. Applicant is J. Blair Waldron, represented by Kevin Moore, 770/429-1499.

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Petition OBI 34

Narden Kaldani, 678-665-1219, requests to: 1) Waive the minimum lot size from the required 20,000 square feet to 16,401 square feet for Lot 2 and; 2) waive the rear setback from the required 35 feet to 25 feet for Lot 2. Located on the south side of 0.38 acres Roswell Road, east of Hood Road, across from Sterling Ridge Chase (2650 Roswell Road). Size of tract is .38 acres. Current zoning: R-20. Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-15 (Sterling Ridge Subdivision); South: PD; West: RS; East: R-20. Future Land Use: Low Density Residential. Heard by the BZA as V-68.

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OBI 22

Gary Deppe, 770/547-0933, seeks to change stipulation item #20 in Z-51 letter dated May 15, 2013 from requiring the applicant to Install a six foot wooden fence along the common property lines between lots 16-18 within the subject property and lots 9-13 within Sterling Ridge Chase (SRC) to requiring the Applicant to provide the resources (valued at $5,000.00 ) to beautify the Sterling Ridge Subdivision entrance. At a minimum, such resources would include a new brick SRC sign structure that has been approved by SRC property owners, and potentially, new landscaping and/or fencing (available resources permitting), at the entrance of SRC.

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