OB 3 (February) continued May

Credit Union of Georgia, represented by James A. Balli, 770-434-6868, requests to amend the stipulations of the 1984 site plan, as amended in 1993, to allow the installation of a monument sign with an LED message board which will comply with the current Cobb County Sign Ordinance. 

Property is located 1020 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA (nearest intersection Little Willeo Road)

District Commissioner: Bob Ott

Case Manager: Jill Flamm

Reason: Install LED message board

Staff Comments: 

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ECCA recommends: Approval to this now variance for road frontage subject to the stipulation letter dated 5/12/20.

Board of Commissioners: Approved 4-0-1 subject to stipulation letter dated 5/12/20. All other stipulations to remain in effect where not in conflict.