Other Business 2020

OB 34 (July)

Applicant IVT Sandy Plains Centre Marietta, LLC, 630 570 0700, representing Titleholder, IVT Sandy Plains Centre Marietta, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. Representative Contact; J. Kevin Moore, 770-429-1499, jkm@mijs.com .

Property is located at the southwest side of Shallowford road; west side of Sandy Plains Road; east of Gordy Parkway

OB 13 (March) continued May

and titleholder Pulte Homes Company, LLC,
represented by James A. Balli, 770-434-6868, of Taylor English Decisions, JBalli@tedecisions.com,
requests clarification of Z-5 (2018) of elevation.

Property was previously known as 5000 Olde Towne Parkway, south
side of Olde Town Parkway.

OB 10 (March) continued May

Applicant Shallowford Wash Leasing, LLC, titleholder Donald K. Nix,
770-652-3575, carnetts@mindspring.com, request
changes to the original site plan:

  1. Add 11 self-serve vacuums at street curb side,
  2. Add 7 additional new parking spaces,
  3. Add 2 electronic pay station gates at tunnel entrance,
  4. New jiffy Lube signage

Property is located at 3950 Shallowford Road, Marietta, GA 30062

OB 3 (February) continued May

Credit Union of Georgia, represented by James A. Balli,
770-434-6868, requests to amend the stipulations of the 1984 site plan, as
amended in 1993, to allow the installation of a monument sign with an LED message
board which will comply with the current Cobb County Sign Ordinance. 

Property is located 1020 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA (nearest
intersection Little Willeo Road)