Petition LUP-7 (February 2021)

Applicant, Douglas Rohan, 770-401-8222, requests allowance for temporary occupancy of an RV on the grass of the front yard for six months to one year.

Property is located at 3498 Nantucket Drive

Present Zoning: R-20

Future Land Use Designation: LDR

ECCA Case Managers: Marvin Shams

Planning Commissioner:  Tony Waybright

District 2 Commissioner: Jerica Richardson

Reason: Remodeling house

Staff Comments:

Please click for Planning Commission Hearing 2-2-21 Download

Please click for BOC Zoning Meeting 2-16-21 Download

ECCA Recommends: Denial

Planning Commission recommends: Denial 4-0 

Board of Commissioners: Not Available