Petition V-32 (April)

Applicant, Michael Bruce, 678-435-4355, requests to reduce the rear setback from required 35 ft to 30 ft.

Additional Information:

Property is located at 5222 Huntingford Terrace. This is located on the western terminus of Huntingford Terrace, west of Huntingford Drive (Willow Point Subdivision). The current title owner is Michael S Brue and Jennifer L. Bruce.

Present Zoning: R-20

Size of Tract: 0.66 acres

ECCA Case Manager: Chris Lindstrom

BZA District 2 Commissioner: Kim Swanson

Reason: Applicant would like to build an extension to create a covered deck to extend into the rear setback by 4.2 feet. The covered decking will be angled for a better view of the pool.

Staff Comments:

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ECCA Recommendation: Denial no hardship

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances: Approved 5-0 subject to staff comments