Petition Z-5 (February)

Applicant, Marianna Kovitch 678-469-3669, represented by Kevin Moore 770-429-1499, requests to change the current zoning from RA-4 to LRO for Medical Offices.

Additional Information:  

The property is located at 4608 Lower Roswell Road. The property is located on the south side of Lower Roswell Road and on the west of Woodlawn Drive.

Contiguous Zonings:

North: R-20 Homes

South: RA-4 (Whitehall subdivision)

East: O & I

West: RA-4 (Whitehall subdivision)

Present Zoning: RA-4

Size of Tract: 1.13 acres

Future Land Use: PI

ECCA Case Manager: Jacquelyn Bettadapur

District 2 Planning Commissioner: David Anderson

District 2 Commissioner: Jerica Richardson

Reason: Applicant would like to rezone the property to LRO for Medical. Property previously used for the Mt. Bethel Senior Center

Staff Comments: 

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ECCA Recommendation: ECCA recommends approval of an LPSP subject to Kevin Moore’s stipulation letter dated January 29, 2024.

Planning Commission Recommendation: Approval 3-0 subject to: 1) Delete zoning to Limited Professional Services Permit, 2) Site Plan dated 1/2/2024 with District Commissioner approving minor modifications, 3) Health practitioner or professional office use only with specific users subject to District Commissioner approval, 4) Landscaping plan which includes 10′ buffers adjacent to residential properties subject to District Commissioner approval, 5) DOT, Stormwater, Water & Sewer, Fire comments and recommendations, and 6) Stipulation Letter from Kevin Moore dated 1/29/2024.

Board of Commissioners: (not available)