OB 68 – Continued until March 2024 – Withdrawn

To consider a Settlement of Litigation for Noble Storage, LLC, Estate of Doty and Donald Nix regarding case Z-4 of 2023. The applicant had proposed a compromise. The applicant has proposed rezoning the property to R-20 for two single-family houses along with a stipulation letter.

Additional Information:  

The property is located on the south side of Freeman Road, east of Johnson Ferry Road (4290 Freeman Road).

Present Zoning: LRO with stipulations

Size of Tract: 1.0 acres

Contiguous Zonings: North: GC and NRC; South: R-15 (Alpine Lakes); East – R-15 (Byrons Pond; West – GC

ECCA Case Manager: Richard Grome

District 2 Commissioner: Jerica Richardson

Reason: Rezone to R-20 with additional stipulations

Staff Comments: 

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ECCA Recommendation: (not available) 

Board of Commissioners: (not available)