OB 5 (February)

Applicant, Fifth Third Bank, represented by Parks Huff of Sams, Larkin & Huff LLP.  Requesting approval of a site plan amendment to allow for the redevelopment of the existing parking lot for a bank with drive-thru facilities. 

Additional Information: The property is located at the northwest intersection of Shallowford and Gordy Parkway.  Land lots: 335 and 386.

Present Zoning: GC

Size of Tract: 1.147 acres

Contiguous Zonings:

North: (GC) – Storage facility.

South: (O&I) – Bank

East: (GC) – Home Depot/Shopping Center/Gas Station.

West: (R-20) – Harrison Park.

ECCA Case Manager: Jacquelyn Bettadapur

District 3 Commissioner:  JoAnn Birrell

Staff Comments: 

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ECCA Recommendation: ECCA recommends APPROVAL subject to: 1) Recommendations submitted by the Architectural Control Committee, 2) All staff recommendations, and 3) All previous stipulations for this property to remain in effect where not in conflict.

Board of Commissioners: Approved (5-0) subject to:

  1. Site plan submitted 1/16/2024.
  2. District Commissioner to approve building elevations, signage, landscape plans and tree safe plans after ACC review.
  3. ACC recommendations that HVAC units, satellite dishes, and roof vents will not be visible by pedestrians walking along adjacent sidewalks or from driver seats in car on adjacent streets. Presently submitted elevations are acceptable provided they are installed per approved ACC plans.  If after actual installation they are visible, then a louver parapet will need to be installed.
  4. Dumpster to be brick veneer to match the same brick used on building.
  5. All existing trees presently in streetscape along Gordy Parkway will remain “as is”.
  6. Add border landscaping around lawn area in the rear along driveways.
  7. Fire, Stormwater, and DOT staff comments and recommendations.
  8. All previous stipulations for this property to remain in effect where not in conflict.