Petition Z-21 (May)

Applicant, CO2 Creative Group LLC (representative Simon Holt) is requesting a rezoning from R-30 to R-20 to build an additional single-family residence.

Additional Information:  

The property (391 Huntsman Way) is located on the east side of Huntsman Way and on the west side of Spring House Court, north of Lamplighter Lane.  The property can be accessed from either Huntsman Way or Spring House Court. The property would consist of 0.514 acres allocated to one residence and 0.524 acres allocated to the other residence.

Contiguous Zonings: Fox Hills Subdivision, R-30

Present Zoning: R-30

Size of Tract: 1.04 acres

Future Land Use: LDR

ECCA Case Manager: Jacquelyn Bettadapur

District 2 Planning Commissioner: David Anderson

District 2 Commissioner: Jerica Richardson

Staff Comments: 

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BOC Final Analysis (not available)

ECCA Recommendation: Denial of R-20 zoning request. Should the Planning Commission recommend the lot be divided into
two R-30 legally non-conforming lots, ECCA recommends that:

(1) Protection of neighboring lots from any negative impact of
stormwater runoff.
(2) All R-30 setbacks, building height and landscape buffers apply to
both these properties.
(3) Architectural style to be compatible with surrounding homes and to
be approved by District Commissioner.

Planning Commission Recommendation: Not available

Board of Commissioners: