Other Business 2016

Petition OB #73

Pacific Group, represented by John Moore, 770/422-7016, seeks to change the site plan and stipulation letter of Z-6, 2013 to eliminate the proposed entrance island and change two stipulations regarding this island and as well as funding for a new signal if warranted.

Petition OBI 62

Charter Senior Living of Marietta, LLC, represented by James Balli, 770/422-7016, change the stipulation letter of Z-91, 1996 to allow for a new updated sign in the same location as the existing sign.

Petition OB 44 – August

Paradise Group, LLC, 404-444-8924, represented by Dave Mattson seeks to modify the stipulations of Z-141, in September 20, 1994 at 3075 Johnson Ferry Road to remove zoning condition 4 that requires the driveway to be a right in/right out only. The driveway is currently built as a full access drive. Zoning condition 7 requires a left turn lane at the median break for left turn access into the site.

OB# 7 – March

Capital City View Homes, LLC, represented by Garvis Sams, 770/422-7016, seeks to modify the stipulation letter of Z-61, in August of 2015 to extend the “reversion clause” from 12 months to 18 months (6 additional months). This extension, upon being granted, will allow the applicant/property owner to complete the Plan Review Process; complete the negotiations to secure an off-site easement to access sewer; and to follow through with the application for a Land Disturbance Permit.