Other Business 2019

OB 68 (November)

applicant, Jeff Lu of 4818 Kentwood Dr., Marietta, GA 30068, 678-907-0885,
E-mail: [email protected],
representing Title Holder: IGRAR, LLC, 3034 Sandy Plains Rd., requests that the
property stipulation #1 that the use be a retail Jewelry Store be removed so we
can use the retail location for a Nail Shop.

Property is
located at 2965 Johnson Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA 30062

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OB 56 (September)

Waldron and Lee Dentistry, LLC, is represented
by Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP’s J. Kevin Moore, 770-429-1499,
e-mail [email protected].  Applicant is developing approximately 1.23
acres for use as professional dental offices.  Applicant seeks approval of flag style
entrance signage for its main entrance signage on Roswell Road.  All other stipulations and attachments to
this property are unaltered and unchanged.

Property is
located on the northerly side of Roswell Road, west of East Piedmont Road, Lot
#986, 16th District, 2nd Section. (2419 Roswell Road)

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OB 46 (August)

Guys Properties, LLC, represented by Nick Rush, 480/421-3665 (Tempe, AZ),
requests to renovate an existing structure within the East Cobb Crossing
Shopping Center, previously a Del Taco restaurant, for the operation of a Five
Guys restaurant. 

is located 4269 Roswell Road, East Cobb crossing Shopping Center

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OB 39 (July)

Credit Union of Georgia, represented by Toney L. Chalmers,
404/408-6788, requests to amend the stipulations of the 1984 site plan, as
amended in 1993, to allow the installation of an LED message board in the
existing Credit Union of Georgia monument sign, which presently has a blank
area under the sign name. 

Property is located 1020 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA (nearest
intersection Little Willeo Road)

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OB 28 (May)

Bethel Christian Academy, represented by Jim Ney, 770/956-7600, requests to amend
the site plan to the one dated April 15, 2019 to allow for two additional
portable classrooms and to extend the time that the four portable classrooms
can remain on the property until June, 1, 2025.

is located at the intersection of Post Oak Tritt and Holly Springs Road (2509
Post Oak Tritt).

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OB 27 (May)

of Atlanta, represented by Kevin Moore, 770/429-1499, requests to amend the site
plan from SLUP-7, 2003 to allow the construction of a pavilion with restrooms,
sidewalk, fencing parking lot striping.

is located on the westerly side of East Piedmont Road, north of Roswell Road.

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