Zonings – Past, 2015

Petition Z-73

QuikTrip Corporation, (770) 325-6721, represented Richard W. Calhoun, (770) 422-1776, requests a rezoning from NRC/R-20 to NRC for a QuickTrip expansion.

Parcel is located at the Southeast intersection of Roswell Road and Old Canton Road (3100 Roswell Road and 1148 Old Canton Road), District 16, Land Lot 963, Parcel 16.

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Petition Z-63

Macallan Capital, LLC represented by Parks Huff, 770/422-7016, requests a rezoning from R-20 to R-15 for single family homes.

Parcel is located on the west side of Holly Springs Road, south of Frankie Lane (2715 Holly Springs Road), District 16, Land Lot 552, Parcel 5.

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