Zonings – Past, 2017

Petition Z-82

Interplan LLC, c/o Chick-fil-A, Inc, 407-645-5008, represented by Stuart Anderson, requests a rezoning from CRC/NS to NS for a site expansion of Chick-fil-A.

Located on the southwest corner of Johnson Ferry Road and Woodlawn Parkway (1201 Johnson Ferry Road).

Petition Z-53 – Continued until October

Brooks Chadwick Capital, LLC, 404-281-4554, represented by John Moore, 770-429-1499, seeks to rezone R-20 to CRC for a Shopping Center.

Property is located on the East side of Sandy Plains Road, south of Shallowford Road, and at the northern terminus of Hunters Lodge Road, District 16, Landlots 386,387,406, and 407, Parcel 3.

Petition Z-41

JOM Holdings, LLC, represented by Garvis L. Sams, Jr., 770-422-7016, seeks to rezone PSC to CRC for a Specialized Contractor’s Office.

Property is located at the West side of Lecroy Drive, north of Robinson Road (811 Lecroy Drive), District 16, Landlot 1029, Parcel 18.

Petition Z-24 – withdrawn

Narden Kaldani, 678-655-1219, seeks to rezone R-20 to R-12 for subdivision.

Property is located at the south side of Roswell Road, east of Hood Road (2650 and 2660 Roswell Road), District 16, Landlot 985, Parcels 7 and 138.

Petition SLUP-3

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, represented by John Moore, 770/429-1499, requests a Special Land Use Permit for a Private School.

Parcel is located on the west side of Johnson Ferry Road, east side of Woodlawn, north of Lower Roswell Road (955 Johnson Ferry Road), District 1, Land Lots 67 & 68, Parcels 1, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, & 16.

Petition Z-8

RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc, represented by Parks Huff, 770/422-7016, requests a rezoning from NRC w/stipulations to NRC w/stipulations.

Parcel is located on the northwest corner of Roswell Road and Old Canton Road (3101 Roswell Road), District 16, Land Lot 910, Parcel 20.

Petition Z-5 – Continued until March

Joshua and Lauren Powell, (404) 956-7116, requests a rezoning from R-20 with stipulations to R-20 with stipulations.

Parcel is located on the west side of Heathermoor Hill Drive, north of Roswell Road (2225 Heathermoor Hill Drive), District 1, Land Lot 166, Parcel 56.

Petition Z-116 – continued until March

St. Clair Holdings, LLC., 404/407-5161, represented Kevin Moore, (770) 429-1499, requests a rezoning from R-30 to RSL Un-supported.

Parcel is located at the north intersection of Johnson Ferry Road and Bishop Lake Road, District 16, Land Lots 758,759, 826 & 827, Parcel 4.