Petition V-53

John LaBarbera, 770-952-8151, representing himself, requests waiving the rear setback on lot from the required 40 feet to 33 feet.

Property is located at the south side of Pine Valley Drive, south of Paper Mill Road (571 Pine Valley Road, Atlanta Country Club subdivision); 17th  District, Land Lots 1086 & 1093, Parcel 3.

Size of tract is 0.92 acre.
Present zoning is R-30
Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-30 (Atlanta Country Club);  East: R-30 (Atlanta Country Club);  South: R 30 (Atlanta Country Club);  West: R-30 (Atlanta Country Club).
Land use category:  Very Low Density Residential
Case manager is Mike Gerrits
BZA board member is Tom McCleskey
Reasons:  Existing hardwood trees on boundary of lot 30 and 31.  There is (sic) an existing 30” diameter and 20” diameter Oaks.  Moving the house will allow placement of house without removing these trees.
Staff Comments: 
Preliminary Variance Analysis is here
Final Variance Analysis is here

ECCA position:  We support the position taken by the Chattahoochee Plantation Homeowners Association.

BZA Action (unofficial):  APPROVED, subject to:

  • Stormwater Management comments
  • Development and Inspections comments